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Memories of summer camp in Górowo Iławeckim



“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, to dzisiaj to give losu…”.


For the second time at summer camp we went to the predominance Iławeckiego located in the District of Bartoszyce. Not so much attractive location, what a very rich educational and sports base of the School of the Ukrainian language of instruction in Górowo Iławeckim, in which "stationed", once again for the selection of this place.


Traditionally in our training camp was attended by clubs from Grudziądz friendly and the Good City, headed by Sensei Kalamarskim and Lithuanian.


Malbork Kyokushin Karate Club was represented by instructors: Wojciech Kunicki (3 than), Miroslaw Mackiewicz (1 than), Krzysztof Westfal (1 than), Lesław Wadolowski (1 than), Robert Bylicki (1 than), Maciej Kaczyński (1 than), Apollonius Zachara (1 kyu).


This time, summer camp was held in two turnusach: A i B. In turnusie A younger karateka participated in clubs: Malbork, Grudziądz, Good Cities, also joined with a group of Sensei Grabowski (2 than) of Ostrowski's Kyokushin Karate Club.


W turnusie B (18 – 24 July 2012) have participated more advanced skills (or age, J) karateka - w sumie 75 people. This year's camp had a unique character because of the special guest. At the invitation came because sensei Kunicki Sensei Peter Moczydłowski (2 than) – m. in. 4-times European Champion, Bronze medalist at World Championships, multiple Polish champion, whose activities were the principal point of the training program. Moczydłowski Sensei during his three-day stay in Górowo led in total 6 unusual training. During the first day of practice Sensei Peter focused on shaping the future riders of motor skills with particular emphasis on FORCE blows. Classes traditionally begin with a solid warm up after taking into account the assumptions made training. Sensei special attention paid to the proper performance of all techniques and IDO during KICHON GEIKO. The main part of training was carried out during the exercise on the shield, during which the focus was on strength and technique brought out punches.

The second day of workouts to shape STRENGTH general and special in karate. Training took the form of task force on several interwoven elements of endurance exercise training games and peripheral. Exercises in pairs and groups were adapted to the progress of trainees. During the training the day we met a lot of techniques and combinations, Sensei Peter who uses during training and combat training and tournament.

The third and last day of training with Sensei Peter concern to improve SPEED. We had a chance to see, it is a favorite part of the preparation of starting our outstanding guest. During exercise in pairs, accordance with the assumptions treningowymi, perfected a combination of previously known. We have read also with exercises, which allow more efficient use of individual predisposition player. The last training ended with a short randori, during which some players have the opportunity to personally appreciate the effectiveness of techniques and combinations of Sensei Peter.

Unprecedented charisma, innovative techniques and training methods, undeniable technical skills, which presented Sensei Peter, but also its charm and friendly attitude towards other athletes made, that it will long remain in our memory. Despite the necessary discipline in karate training and high demands both on the face of our guest, and exercising constantly could see a smile. Sensei Peter has a great sense of humor and distance to each other. We hope to have another meeting with Sensei Piotrek and the exercise by him of our invitation to Malbork dojo.


The summary of the camp was a test for the next kyu grades, once again, we also attempt to pass the Cooper Test.


All sensei and sempai, Those who have successfully passed the tests we congratulate!


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