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Message from Martin Prachnio



Hello to all art lovers kyokushin karate and martial arts.


A long time I did not write. Now I want to tell you, I have achieved this year and what I intend to do in the near future.


At the beginning of last season briefly summarize competing in karate.


Zaczął się on w lutym 2012 of competition in Iran, to which I was invited. After heavy fighting took care 4 place. Start This taught me a lot and I pulled out of it a lot of applications, dzięki którym bardzo rozwinąłem swoje umiejętności w walkach karate. Przeanalizowałem wszystko to, what happened to the competition and changed the way the fight for a more calm and control the whole fight.


Następnym etapem były wagowe mistrzostwa Polski. The whole time I prepared very hard while training . Training yielded the desired results and success. Controlling the fight , escaped hasty movements. Competition won. Tytuł Mistrza Polski jest dowodem, My tactical solutions that are effective and have brought success.


Unfortunately, by then struggled with injury, which effectively hindered me and prevented me a better upbringing for the next competition: European Championship and the Championship of the Americas.


Another takeoff weight were European Championship in June 2012. I went to the Championship with only one thought : win. It was to be another control start before the Championships of the Americas. Finally, I took 2 place. Przegrałem w finałowej walce po dogrywce z Djemą Belkhodją z Francji. This confirmed the effectiveness of my strategy and mode of preparation. A duel was extremely heavy, and although they do not overcome in the final battle, It was really aligned.


The last start of the season was open Championship of the Americas, which was associated with the highest hopes. After winning the first duel with the champion Japan to 80 kg had a fight with Alejandro Navarro of Spain. Unfortunately, I lost the fight, and eventually I took extra time 5 place. I was not happy with start, But a real warrior never quits and trains on.


Last season was for me a very rich experience and taught me a lot. In this way I became even more confident. I would like to thank coach Robert Saniewskiemu , which trained since January. Robert was preparing me to compete individually. He had a great contribution to the development of my way of fighting this season, co uczyniło ze mnie dużo lepszego i twardszego wojownika. I also thank Peter Turowskiemu, who supported me during the season training and during competition.


I would also like to thank my mom, who supported me all this time.


On this occasion, thanks again coach Raphael Tomali, which started training in Kyokushin Karate, and which for many years has trained me in the art of fighting.


Currently, I live in the Netherlands. I decided to temporarily leave the Polish ,aby spróbować innych stylów walki i nabrać innych doświadczeń. Currently preparing to fight in K1 and MMA style under the guidance of trainer Martijn de Jong from club Golden Glory. For some time I had my first fight, which will keep you informed.


I want you both to ensure, że to nie koniec mojej historii z karate kyokushin. Zamierzam wziąć udział za dwa lata w kolejnych Otwartych Mistrzostwach Świata Karate Kyokushin.


I greet all welcome and I'm sorry, that you had to wait so long for information. OSU!!!



Sensei Marcin Prachnio




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