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Fighting bull – moc Sosai – rate alone



We present a fairly unique, detailed material about Mas Oyama fights with bulls. A real gem of a movie from one of these struggles.


Sosai Oyama became famous in the West of fighting bulls with his bare hands. W swoim życiu stoczył 52 takie walki, w których podobno trzy byki zginęły od pojedynczego uderzenia. He gained the nickname when “boskiej ręka”. Wielu przedstawicieli sztuk walk zarzuca Oyamie, that the bulls were at a disadvantage, ponieważ zostały oswojone i miały podczas walk kółka w nosie oraz liny.

As it was really?

Oyama already during his travels in the United States have many attributes that are professional wrestlers. Powiedział w swojej książce “What is Karate” (1958), they only had three fights with professional wrestlers and thirty-nine shows and television appearances.


One of these battles took place 14 January 1954 years in Tateyama, Chiba. Gathered thousands of spectators, was mobilized police. Attended by many journalists.


In that day Oyama weighed 82 kg with an increase 173 cm. Taurus was five years old and 450 kg, a jego rogi 9 cm in diameter and 40 cm in length. During the fight was dangerous for Sosai event – bull horn nudged his ribs making a deep wound, which could prove fatal, if there was a 5 mm deeper. After a hard struggle bull lost his horn and thus wanted to fight. Exhausting for both parties fight lasted about 30 minutes.


The narration in the movie talk about Hissatsu waza and the need to demonstrate skills in kyokushin. Judge for yourself, whether the fight was easy.


Thank you for your help in the development of Alice Kaczorek article.



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