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TVN “Britain's Got Talent” and Martin Chuck Olpiński, Kyokushin and Ninja



On 14 September 2013 program “Britain's Got Talent” TVN starred Martin Chuck Olpiński – Polish double Chuck Norris. Our Chuck is associated with Kyokushin five years, It has 4 kyu, and every day he trains in the UK's BUSHI.


When asked by us what for him is responsible Kyokushin: “Kyokushin is a way for me to keep fit, Health, but form good, healthy competition, verify and develop new skills and escape from work, from everyday life”.


Also we asked a few words about appearing in the program:


“Friends warned me, Developer manipulate it, that is a big scam, after I watched the video of my performance I agree with such views. Just observe the reaction of the audience and judges, I think that the decision was taken earlier verdict, before the show. The reason for this turn of events might have been, I'm associated with one of the banks, which I performed in commercials, or maybe just the jury did not understand my present, it was something new, Chuck, karate, ninja, specially composed music and special effects…


…I might add, that our performance was heavily truncated, making it impossible to evaluate well performance. Obcinkę did when you tell a joke ,,What Chuck does when Photocopying?”, the program can be seen, I'm talking ,,Copy”,and certainly I said, ,,Photocopying….Copy”, besides A.Chylińska not asked us to submit a, He did not ask where we come from, etc.. (and usually so does). It looked like the beginning it was set to NO. The creators of the program they offered me a performance in “Britain's Got Talent” and create a show, and then I hear, they do not see this talent. I, that my image had them serve only to promote the program. Stress unfortunately taken its toll and we did not do as rehearsals. Thank you very much for all your opinions, it will be better next time.”


performance can be viewed HERE
and so was created the music and special effects to the program
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