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Thomas Najduch-Interview for



“If we're not going to respect that no one will respect…”

We invite you to an interview with Sensei Thomas Najduchem.



Thomas Najduch 2DAN, one of the most successful karate, Polish representative in the years 1992-2005 in the heavyweight and open. Za granicą otrzymał przydomek polish tank associated with his uncompromising style of fighting (Continuous pressure on rival, great strength and effective low-kick). Currently the director and instructor at Karate KKS.




From which club to wywodzisz ?


Oświęcim Karate Club.



The most difficult moment in the tournament career ?


Consider whether you can live with karate and keep your family.



The crisis / lack of motivation to take off. Do you arrive at the obstacle in your career ?

So very often, za zajęcie 3 place in the World Cup I received the watch equivalent 250 zł.



What is the essence of Kyokushin ?

Respect for life, people and the world, which surrounds us.



Are you Polish by a young talent, which in future could achieve the highest success in the World ? Is the current training system is able to bear the burden ? Is there adequate facilities ?

They are very talented and will be, who can achieve a lot, if they really wanted it for themselves. Training system sucks !



What is your approach to divisions within the organization kyokushin ?


Skeptical and negative.



Did you have an idol in his youth from the world of combat sports ?




The best player in the history of kyokushin ?

Andy Hug.



Best fight in my life ?

Kielce 2000 Polish Championships of Sypien (Poland).



Najcięższa walka w życiu ?

European Championships in Greece 1996 - Fighting with the broken ankle joint capsule, Mistrzostwa Europy w Katowicach 2002 - With Kostov (Bulgaria).



The greatest success ?

European Cup Classifieds 1993 Saucer - Mas Oyama congratulated the European Championship title win.



The unrealized dream (if it is) ?

World Championship.



What gave you the Kyokushin ?

Another view of the world and people.



What is Kyokushin for you now, what's your goal ?

Great memories, time of youth, conclude formidable knowledge. The – creation of a real club - currently doing Karate Club in Katowice (the beginnings of a dream –



Which of the motor features by you is most important in kyokushin (rate, force, strength) ?

All + nature and the art of thinking in the fight.



How did your preparation for the professions ? How many times a week, trained, continued as a preparatory cycle ?

In a series of preparations 3 consisted of monthly: fitness, pool, running, specialized training and sparring. Trening trwał 6 days a week 2 times a day.



How important is supplementation for the athlete ?

Very important - because of the current condition and technique, so that although the leaders of catch up, let alone surpass it.



How important is diet ?

It is very important, best illustrate Quote – "What you eat, that you are ".



The most difficult rival ?

Teixeira (Brazil).



Is it true, that some of the European Championships earned with sprained ankle ?

So, Greece severed at the ankle joint capsule, broke up on Monday and on Saturday the tournament was held.



Mas Oyama - what you think about it ?

Human body, man of the division.



How would you rate the level of Polish karateka in the current support by the government and organizational facilities ?

Mediocre and inadequate for the needs.



What are the steps for you dan ? Are there significant ?

So, I see only one who seems to “AND-y” This championship belt is gray and not black.



Favorite Food ?

Cabbage and bean soup.



Do you have any hobbies apart from Kyokushin ?

Walking in the mountains and Aquarium.



Who supported you the most by a warrior ?

Wife, which does not disturb me in my passion, actually helped me in this way.



As you can see the future of Polish Kyokushin ?

The dark colors. Why - there are many reasons, one is the basic or the most terrifying is, that the channel can not break anyone, and as it is now We'll get a new do the same only more white gloves.



What would you change in the Polish Karate if you had the chance ?

I would try to introduce karate to the media, I'd most like to help the poor in our athletes to have any scholarship from any club and not rely on charity from the Ministry of Controversy, and so we oskubie broker (which divides the kadrowiczów). If we're not going to respect that no one will respect.




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