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Tariel Nikoleishvili – Interview



Wszystkich fanów Kyokushin Karate zapraszamy na wywiad z aktualnym Mistrzem Świata Tarielem Nikoleishvili.

The interview in its entirety has been downloaded from the portal, and translated it Marek Bebenek, za co serdecznie dziękujemy.



Our congratulations for winning the World Cup! It's been four days since the end of the tournament. Please, Share with us your experience.


Slowly, it all starts to reach me, but still is under the influence of all these emotions. When I recall the moment of victory, I pause and savor it.


I would like to ask you about the final fight with Teixeira. When the judges announced the second overtime, what if you thought?


Szanuję Teixeira, I consider him to be an excellent rider and World Champion K- 1. I just tried to do everything, everything in my power and I did not think about the outcome.


Lecieliście this year to New York, to analyze the style of fighting future rivals for the championship, in this and Teixeira. Then he lost the fight against Arata . You experienced the, you can beat him?


I do not think, In New York City was a real fighting for Teixeira 100 % their abilities. But even seeing his previous fight, I was convinced, that Teixeira can be overcome. He is after the same man as I. And in preparation for participation in the World Championships, turned the mentally, I can beat him.


Not long before the finale in the hallway zjawiałeś, leading to the mat ...


I just tried to focus entirely on the final fight, because I wanted to stay some time in solitude. At this point I had done everything, I could, and this was a last minute preparations.


In the first 30 Teixeira final seconds of the fight aggressively attacked chudan-tsuki knees and kicks, but you looked very calm and radziłeś himself with his strong attacks. Have you received any of these beats injury?


I felt the pressure of his power and impact, but has had no prejudice. Teixeira strikes were very strong, but comparable to the impact of good Russian players, which previously competed.


During the final battle seemed to be, Teixeira dominates in the middle of the fight due to his aggression. Nevertheless, it wytrzymałeś stopowałeś his attacks and his right low-kick.


While in combat you can not be sure of their superiority, if you do not clearly predominate during the whole fight. But I felt, I can predict its movement and relatively free to use your technique.


What advice can you give a coach, Sensei Giadukian, during the final battle?


He said: "Do not stand in front of him, move to “.


W dodatkowym czasie atakowałeś nogami w wyższe partie ciała i kręciłeś obrotówki. Nie wykorzystałeś tej techniki we wcześniejszych walkach. Especially kept it on the finale?


Not until the end so it was, attacked on the head with his legs in the third turn against Takuya Takeokoi. I just do not think it necessary to use an inefficient technique or combinations of just, to show the diversity. I used the impact in the final, because, that I thought them to be effective at this very moment. When I was in junior competitions, rotary techniques and jodan mawashi was my favorite techniques. 70% "Ipponów ” I received just after these techniques. However, in most cases they are not as effective in the category of men, why not use it so often, as previously. But, for example, in the Russian Cup final 2009 r. knocked rival using a technique mawashi-geri-Kaiten, I also have enough strength to do this technique, the more, if it gives me an advantage. I, I could apply this technique in the final, because it was properly set to duel with Teixeira and offered the opportunity to use it..



Do you want to say, definitely did not feel more pressure from Teixeira in combat?



Not, He hit hard, as usual, and pushed forward. Just I was able to predict its impact, so that I could derive an effective counterattack. At the time of, kiedy to zrozumiałem było to dla mnie jak uderzenie błyskawicy. Zacząłem atakować przeciwnika nieprzerwanie, hard going forward. Kicking legs joined by area iodate and spinners, Teixeira began to be discouraged from these attacks and could not easily counterattack.



In the second overtime duel you were under the control of.



I noticed, that Teixeira has already begun to tire, I decided to use his whole arsenal of techniques. I have not felt, that overcame, but I was aware, that advantage is slowly going in my favor.



When the final verdict announced, What was your reaction?



A sincere pleasure and gratitude. I tried with all his strength. I thanked God and many people, which led me to this victory.



And what are your impressions, the semi-finals? Share your opinion about Kapanadze.



We're both the same origin. We are Georgians and I feel with him the family relationship. A special reverence that causes, despite a broken right hand during tameshiwari, successfully passed through all the fighting until the semi-finals.



In the semi-finals were two overtime.



Kapanadze was strongest among all the, which fought for the Championships. Before I met him in the Russian Cup final 2010 and then won in the result obtained by Kapanadze warning. Well so we knew each other's fighting style, for this was not easy for us to fight each other.



Kapanadze already fought in Japan, but never has won its victories. Was unknown before the international community took second place in the Open Championship of America in this year. And as is seen in Russia?

He has won second place in the Championship of Russia 2010, is all well known. But as I said, then lost in the finals by a, had made a mistake and got a warning. He has a tendency to lose because of such errors. I, he can still win the Championship of the Americas.



In the quarter-finals met with another favorite, Zacharie Damianowym.


He is one of the leading players in Kyokushin at the moment. Won the Championship of America, was the European Champion. It is in excellent physical shape, techniques have varied resource, strikes and knees and legs to the head. I, that they simply did not have the opportunity to use all his skills to fight against me. Lucky me.


In all the eight strongest, besides Damianowa and Jeriomienko, made a mistake in tameshiwari.


This proves, Damianow that has an excellent technique.



And what you say about a young Japanese master, Araty, with which you had a chance to fight?



He is very rhythmic. Ideal leads the fight. Young, durable, active in attacks. I definitely think, in the near future it will be one of the leading players.



Who will be your main rival for the next World Championships Open?



Each participant will! And the players, who are not currently known to me, but who now bitterly train. I did not take part in the previous World Championships and was unknown four years ago.



I would like to ask you about the last two years. In May 2010 won the European Championships in the heavyweight division, in June – Japan Championships in the same category, in October have been champion of Russia in that category, and in November – Champion of the All Japan. This year we won the World Open. In total, over two years got all the major international titles, and finally you were world champion.



It was valid for two years. Every time, when preparing for tournaments, it was hard. But I felt very well after victories odnoszonych. Amazing, ale wszystkie te chwile z ostatnich dwóch lat przypomniały się mi po zwycięstwie na Mistrzostwach Świata. Zrozumiałem, that all my hard training and experience of participation in the tournament led me to this result. I could not make that individual. I am deeply grateful to my parents, my coach, Shokei Kancho Matsui and all supporting me, God, for it, that led me to this victory.



When did you start preparing for the World Cup?



I decided to take part in the World Championships three years ago, when I 17 years. By this time I took part only in the junior competitions. W moim pierwszym dużym turnieju wśród seniorów w półfinale wygrałem z Lucianem Gogonelem i w finale walczyłem z Michaiłem Kozlovem. Kozłov był bardzo znanym zawodnikiem, within 11 years exerting leadership in the Russian kyokushin. I was able to fight with him in the playoff, and this fight has given me faith in your abilities. Then my coach told, I should select for themselves a goal – X World Championships Open. The point, że jeszcze mój ojciec marzył zostać Mistrzem Świata. Dzięki jego zamiłowaniu do karate zacząłem trenować. His interest helped me all the time in reaching the road.



From the moment you started to prepare in a special way?



Of course, acted in accordance with the specific training plan for the World Cup. But basically just continued regular daily workouts. My Sensei said, that everything will depend on the, the goals set for ourselves. As soon as I took a course for this purpose, the quality of my workouts completely changed. It was the second decisive moment in addition to, I started taking karate 10 years.



And what was the first?



First-trained Shotokan Karate. My father would teach classes in the hall, but I'm not really that interested. Later, my father met my current trainer, Karienom Giadukian and found, it starts running kyokushin training. Then I decided to start training.



What was your first impression when przestąpieniu Dojo?



At the beginning I was surprised, dlatego że już miałem 2 Szotokan-kyu in karate, I came to start a train starting from the foundation of a white belt. Ale rzeczywiście podobały mi się treningi. Kontaktowy styl kyokushin okazał się być dla mnie bardzo dobry.



Who then was your favorite player?



I had no favorites, but I always watched the most famous players.



Please, Tell us about your training cycle.


There is nothing special. All my workouts have been built on the traditional Japanese method. For example, kihon, bag, feet, sparing, Physical preparation.



What was your training plan three years ago and which is now?



Moim podstawowym treningiem zawsze był codzienny grupowy trening w Dojo. Swój rozwój oceniałem po wynikach na turniejach. Three years ago, won his weight class in the Championship of Russia and to gain experience in the international arena, I decided to put in front of goal – Weighing the World Cup. I lost the first fight with Eduardo Tanaka, but it was important for me to experience. One year later, in October 2010 years, in the category of super-heavy Championships of Russia took third place, ustąpiwszy złota i srebra Dmitrijowi Łunev i Nikołajowi Dawydowowi. Próbowałem swoich sił wśród cięższych rywali. In the last year preparing for the World Championships Open. I took part in nine tournaments in Russia and abroad, winning the European Championships in May, Championship weight of Japan in June, Cup of Russia in October and Japan Open Championships in November. Also, I took part in tournaments smaller scale, for example, Armenian Championships. And all this time has become a great strength workout. Fortunately, the, I managed to win all 9 basic championships and reached all the goals set before them.



We know, that last year in Russia has been presented to you some special prize.



So, This was the prize «Golden belt», which gives the following summary of the year for contributions in the field of martial arts. One of the members of the committee was Aleksandr Karielin, well-known Russian player, Human-legend. I received this award, because I was the first foreigner, who won the Japan Open Championships. It flatters me that, that it was granted me this award.



In how many tournaments you have participated in this year?



I was focused on preparations for the World Championships and took part in a total of three tournaments: Arthur Cup Owaniesiana in Armenia and the Russian regional tournaments.



When I reached the top the preparations for the World Cup?



During the summer. From June to September we passed by a three-month training cycle in 200 km from Moscow. I trained at 5-6 hours a day, morning, daytime and evening. On the morning of training placed emphasis was on speed and endurance, by day – on technique and combinations, in the evening – the tactics. It was a long and difficult process, but I think, that this had the desired effect. For this, in October for a month I got free from school and trained in a dojo in Moscow.



Now studying?



So, I'm studying at university in the economics department, leadership and management in construction.



Not hard to combine training and education at the University?



I have many colleagues, who shared with me outlines, if I am absent from class.



You have a special sparingpartnera in your Dojo?



Anastasija Chripunowa, World Champion Open. We train together, in one room.



It seems to me, that the strength and other parameters Chripunowej significantly different from Teixeira and Kapanadze.



You can not find the same sparingpartnera, Teixeira as if Kapanadze. Of course, We are many high and powerful people among practicing, therefore, when it is necessary, I ask them о joint exercises with me hand in hand. But generally hone their technique and strategy against Chripunową. The highlight of the training is imagination and creativity.



Strength – one of your strengths. As it reached?



For a long time I participate in tournaments among seniors. Carefully chose tournaments and rivals, because I could gradually get used to them more and more force. It seems to me, I'm physically strong because of its nationality. Georgians are innately strong, dar taki boży. My father, which is slightly lower growth than me, it is very strong. Many Georgians have a similar physique like mine.



Mentioned, that strength training was a little. A weight with which you can perform bench press and squats?


Makes 130 kg, and doing squats with a load 170 kg. I, I could pick up and more, if I am specially trained. But the burden, which the load, not explain the, how much you're strong in karate.



These were in addition to special training for the preparation and conditioning?



At the beginning, I would like to mention one special method of preparation. In March 2011 year, Moscow came Kancho Matsui and Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, training method for Japanese creator of "Kaacu». Dr. Sato presented his method trenującym and promoting Kyokushin in Russia, members of the government and the Russian Space Agency. I had the honor to try this method first-hand, od doktora Sato. I was very surprised by its performance.



What is the most effective method of development impact force?



An example of great importance to the training-visualization. For example, If you are working on a bag, realistically imagining your opponent, in a natural way to learn to become strong and effective strikes. If you imagine a, how to knock an opponent with one blow – You can put it into practice.



What is now a goal in karate?



For now, I do not have posed a particular purpose, because only 4 days ago I had the greatest success in my life. But I can tell, that one day I would attempt to challenge the "100-kumite". For now, I do not have a definite plan in this regard, because this is the toughest test in Kyokushin, but this is the tip of the, check the maximum, even more, than the title of World Champion Open. I, kyokushin training that is job for life, so for now I'll take a short break and think about yourself and your future. Osu!





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