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Shihan Jacek Czerniec – interview



Kyokushin Karate ”How do you train, so you fight”

The first training, doubt, respect for elders and Shihan training regime Czerniec Jacek says in an interview with Peter Shafran.


Do you remember, as he began karate training?

Of course. At the beginning I learned about karate from some magazines, I think the "Polish Soldier". I come from a small village, where for any coaching there could be no, so I had to wait, to go to school. When I was 14 I decided on a school in Lublin, to be able to train. Previously, he created the idea of, such training as they look. It was a time, when I did not even know, how to pronounce the name of Kyokushin.

At the beginning I came to another club, where he trained other martial arts. In general, it did not meet my expectations, but when I came to the club Kyokushin, I knew, it is. What's funny, I assumed that I would be trained for about two years and that's enough.


And you have been for life.



There was a period of self-doubt at the time?

I remember, that when I was 5 kyu (yellow belt with green stripe - editor. red.), I thought that's all I can. It was after a few years of training. I then, I knew karate, I know I can fight and kata. I do not see the point of further training. Later, I mentioned this period of my life, I was embarrassed for myself, that in general I like to think so.


Many athletes, not only karate, have periods of doubt and discouragement. What would you advise them, be able to survive this difficult time for them?

Such crises are related to our life's twists. Sometimes it is a baccalaureate, the beginning of the study, a family. A player makes a break, as if for a moment, then it is, it is very difficult for him to return to regular training.

The most important in these times to support from colleagues and instructors. We need to sort out our lives. If you really run out of time, This from a player we can still go to practice for rest two or three times a week. It's about maintaining the, what we do.

You can also find an example of someone, who is even more difficult situation, and in spite of all trains and gives his all. It has been said yet, if you do not have the time, you should find a job has one additional, to learn to manage it well.


During the seminar, you said one of the oldest players on the degree of responsibility, they bear, As a black belt. What it is?

Black belt in Kyokushin is recognized around the world and a huge respect darzony. In this style of karate set the bar very high. If someone has a black belt, This is known, he had to work hard at it at least 8-10 years.

Responsibility, I was talking about, is the ability to transfer the experience of the daily life of karate. We learn to solve problems simply, as possible. If you miss the moment, when a problem in your life, it appears, decide to wait it, he will grow to large sizes. Meanwhile, just nip it in the bud. As in karate - when you're under attack, answer immediately counterattack.

Black belt holders enormous responsibility also because, they are constantly being watched by younger players, who raise them myself as a model to follow. Sensei may be showing its age and not be quite as efficient, and then, when he was 20 years, but still has to work hard and try to.


What distinguishes Kyokushin compared to other martial arts?

Kyokushin is cultivated for generations. This style has a very strict training regime and a simple label. All the rules are pre-defined, and the whole is divided into three components: kihon, I kata kumite (fight - editor. red.). For many people, these simple, clear rules are a kind of enclave in this crazy world. We leave our problems at the door dojo and train.

Let me give you an example a player from my club, who was getting ready to habilitation in philosophy. He had a lot of work, but he trained very hard and systematically. Later he told me, were it not for the training, probably would not have written job. They helped him to the hygiene of the mind.

Kyokushin also teaches us universal values. Our system of degrees has a direct impact on the daily lives - we learn to respect the teachers and the elderly, we respect their experience. We train so, would be useful for those, who need help. Try to be strong, to be useful, for how to help someone, when you will not be able to defend?


What is required of someone, who participates in competitions?

First of all, a very high level of strength and technical preparation. This is not the style, in which, after a few months of training, you can start.

Kyokushin is the first post-war contact karate style. Rules on competition are as defined, combination of techniques that force the foot and hand. You can not for example. just dig hoping to spot the enemy and immediately flee. The fight takes place here in półkontakcie. So from the beginning we players: "How do you train, so then you fight ".


He met you today, not only with young players, but also with the, who train for years and wear black belts. What do they expect from this seminar?

Older count most for inspiration, this kind of recharge the batteries. It is difficult to, someone taught me techniques, who knows it well. These are people, who have spent years in the dojo and knowledge, how to hit and kick. Frequently, however, looking for inspiration for further work and that knowledge I try to tell them.





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