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Weighing Championship IKO seniors and juniors will be held in Varna 21-22 May.


Seminarium with Janem Soukup – FOTORELACJA



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VII Seminar IKO Kyokushin Karate Dzierżoniów held 14 September 2013 year Dzierżoniów hall OSiRu. Grouping led by Sensei John Soukup 2 dan from the Czech Republic, vicemistrz świata turnieju World Open Tournament z 2007 years, oecnie a K1 fighter fighting in the rings around the world.


The seminar brought together 70 Karate Z 13 clubs from across the Polish. The first session started at 10.00 the official greeting of the Shihan Jack Czerńca, Sensei Martin Staściuka and Sensei John Soukup. Among the participants of the seminar are eminent players vice-champion Peter Moczydłowski, European champion Eve Picture Rating and European championships medalists: Patrick Picture Rating, Daniel Bukowy, Polish championship medalists. Their presence raised the status of our seminar.


The first session began with a warm-up, then we went to the techniques and combinations of kihon kumite. Despite the fact that between the first and second training was only a 15-minute break, seminar participants trained very hard and with great commitment, in the end not every day you can train in such good company. The second training was devoted to the sport have typically struggle kyokushin, by working on the shields of the fight sparring, who completed the first block of training. After lunch time went on training with elements of K1. Sensei Jack showed some basic techniques, which for most was a new experience, but also aroused considerable interest.


Classes ended thanks to Sensei Janka Soukup, Shihan Jack Czerniec and all sensei TO, who participated in our event. At the end there was also a presentation of certificates to the young students of karate training in Dzierżoniów club.


Grouping ended Sayonara, where you can talk to our main guest and exchange experiences and insights about the seminar with players of other clubs.


Seminar in Dzierżoniów is permanently inscribed in the calendar of events, cordially invite you to the next as early as next year. OSU!

Sensei Marcin Staściuk, 3 Then







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