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Weighing Championship IKO seniors and juniors will be held in Varna 21-22 May.


Report of the winter camp, the IKO 2012



The annual winter camp, the IKO Honbu took place during the 4-6 January in the temple at the top Mitsumine. Udział w nim wzięło 101 karateków, and training sessions were conducted by Kancho Matsui Shokei, Shihan Yuzo Goda. Among them it was 10 Tanaka World Cup players, Lived, Sawamura, Matsumura and participants of the World Cup women's Ota, Shimada i Tanaka.


Participants trained in zero temperatures and refreshingly began the New Year. All started from a common meditation camp in front of the monument Sosai, which led Shokei Matsui. Kancho began training with words: "This training can will be the same as last year, but his understanding and the result will be different depending on your attitude. " The first considerations in the year conducted in mind for the winter camp will be also the first step to achieving victory in first practice, which lasted 2 hours. Kancho during the camp spoke about last year's world championships, This year's plans and attitude to training. The second day of the camp began with a morning workout on 6:30 in the temple at minus 6 degrees Celsius, which was accompanied by a cry of kiai. After running 22 kilometer marathon during the afternoon workout evening was spent in playing together and watching skits and making new acquaintances.


The third day also began with a morning workout on 6:30 in severe weather conditions. After that, the participants left the temples in Mitsumine and went to the final part of the so-called camp. „Water Fall”, or endurance training under a waterfall, which is intended to check hit resistance force of falling water from the waterfall participating in this test. A detailed report from the winter camp will be published in the March edition of Word Karate.

Translation: Marek Bebenek



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