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Polish Cup - the fight, emotion, surprises - SUMMARY, new GALLERY Michael Szumiński


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23 November Ząbkowice Silesian was held in August XXX Polish Senior Cup Kyokushin Karate. The event was attended 270 players from 60 clubs.


Polish Cup competition is one of those events, that focus around one mat the whole family Kyokushin, Players, activists, Friends.


Battles, especially the final phase, permanent high-level sports, providing emotional live audience cheer leader.


Show, as befits a jubilee, was unique in several respects.


In his last fight competition, demonstration (Patricia Wrona), fought Agnieszka Picture Rating, officially ending the beautiful sports career. Great end inflicted on her friends from the club, organizer and numerous guests arrived, which had continued on its unique and full of surprises Sayonarze.


Agnieszka Sypień


At this year's Cup was also held X Polish Youngster Cup and Junior Junior, where the side of karate seniors have the opportunity to compete against younger. Among them are many outstanding athletes, who will in a few years will constitute the strength of the Polish Kyokushin.




We look forward to, that this extraordinary event had its share of the, which carried out its first transmission online, August trying to give the best to, what has happened during this event. TV


We present an interesting Michael photojournalism Szumiński (, Thank you for the provision of.




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