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Premier League Kyokushin – Russian project moves


Kyokushin Russia

Shihan Anatolii Fesenko at a meeting of Kancho Matsui in Japan, discussed the prospects for the development of professional hand Kyokushin Karate in Russia. He received permission to develop this field in the area, which it is subject and in all other branches in Russia, who want to join the project.
The main argument for the introduction of professional fights between players Kyokushin – is their growing importance and competitiveness of Kyokushin in today's realities.


Shihan Fesenko


Open Letter A. Shihan Fesenko:


“Dear Branch Chiefs,

Mamy nadzieję, that when you receive my message, you are in good physical and mental condition.


2 October 2013 Tokyo had with Kancho Matsui and Shihan Gorai talks on the professional development of Karate Kyokushin.


During our discussion set, that in order to promote and develop Kyokushin karate is necessary to introduce new directions to motivate and engage students.


In this connection between me and Kancho Matsui came to an agreement on the development of the project Kyokushin Pro, which develops in the, where I address. I'm going to repeat this project and suggest that it has implemented every branch chiefów.


I am ready to cooperate with any, who sees in this project another step in the development of Kyokushin. Such a project will be sent individually to each brand chiefów.


Z poważaniem, A. Shihan Fesenko”




The consequence of this letter was to develop the project


“Professional Kyokushin in Russia”


Kyokushin Karate – a unique system of training athletes in the context of a well-organized ideological education, based on the ancient tradition of philosophy and ethics in martial arts.


At this point, there are many professional tournaments in MMA and kickboxing, in which the basis is the show-business, not a sport or spiritual values.


Opportunities to promote and desire to win fame or recognition, and money for professional tournaments, It leads to the outflow of many great warriors Kyokushin.


To remain competitive and not lose them, These players need to create a professional league Kyokushin (Kyokushin Pro). League should promote Kyokushin in Russia and around the world.


1. Pro recruitment in Kyokushin
– Candidates to participate in the league this: Master of the Federal District, Cup medalists Russia, Winners M.Świata and other international tournaments.


2. Battles
a) conducting a separate program under the championship of Russia
b) the main weight categories (70kg, 80kg, 90kg, +90 kg)
c) time to fight – three rounds (3-2-2), 1 minute break. In case of a tie possible additional round (2 minutes)
g) according to the principles of Karate Kyokushin
d) determination of winners:
– ippon – a clear victory
– wasari – 5 points (4 pin + Judge depth.)
– end of the round by decision (Hantei) – punctation (flags)
– result of fighting – summary points (PIN) all the rounds and the judge determines the winner.


The winners and the best evaluated contestants have the right to participate in the Grand Prix Pro Kyokushin.


3. Grand Prix tournament Kyokushin Pro
– will be held at the Russian Championships with a separate program rules.


4. Project finance
a) Sponsors
b) HR management
c) receivables.

5. Remuneration for the fight
a) qualifications (score) walki
– win of 1000 $ of 2000 $
– loss of 500 $ of 1000 $
b) participate in Grand Prix:
– travel player and coach
– victory of 3000 $ of 5000 $
– loss of 1500 $ of 3000 $.

translation: Luke Moczydłowski



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