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Weighing Championship IKO seniors and juniors will be held in Varna 21-22 May.


Polski Samurai – Interview with Peter Sawicki specifically for



We invite you to an interview with World Champion Sensei Piotr Sawicki.




The most difficult moment in the tournament career ?


Moment kiedy musiałem podjąć decyzję o rezygnacji z kariery zawodniczej.


The crisis / lack of motivation to take off. Do you arrive at the obstacle in your career ?


To achieve sports results need to be tackled in 100 % – it also calls for funding. Then it becomes a choice between coaching the passion for and a desire to be the best form of income, and thinking about his future.
Całkiem inaczej podchodzi się do treningów będąc młodym człowiekiem wspinając się po drabinie kariery sportowej a całkiem inaczej gdy wiele się osiągnęło a nie idzie za tym gratyfikacja finansowa wtedy pojawia się kryzys.


What is the essence of Kyokushin ?


For me, the essence is kyokushin fight in every sense of the word.


Are you Polish by a young talent, which in future could achieve the highest success in the World ?
Is the current training system is able to bear the burden ? Is there adequate facilities ?


Sports Talent is a mixture of such physical characteristics as psycho-physical abilities and innate ambition, perseverance and the ability to assimilate new habits of movement.
Closely watching young players and I see a few, którzy przy odpowiednim cyklu treningowym mogą zajść daleko. Pamiętać jednak należy, that talent is really part of the output, which must be developed through hard work and proper training system. Is at this point is adequate training facilities? The answer to this question can be found by analyzing the current performance of the Polish team kyokushin and comparing the years before.


Jakie masz podejście do podziałów w organizacji kyokushin?


The breakdown will never have a positive effect on any organization.
For me it has always been and will be "One Kyokushin" in your head will remain a number of fond memories associated with people, which I was able to meet with karate.


Did you have an idol in his youth from the world of combat sports ?


Like every young man watched movies with Bruce Lee , Jean–Claude Van Damme.
Kiedy zacząłem trenować Karate Kyokushin moja uwaga skupiła się na zawodnikach takich jak Andy Hug, Ramon Dekkers.


Best fight in my life ?


Moja wygrana walka w strefie medalowej z Ryu Narushima Mistrzostwach Świata w Tokyo.
Trudno jest wygrać z „murowanym pretendentem do tytułu” i to jeszcze w „Jego” ojczystym kraju przy „Jego” publiczności.


Najcięższa walka w życiu ?


My toughest fight is also my last start.
When, after a break due to injury and long-term rehabilitation returned to training proved to be, that further losses due to injury will no longer be possible - without compromising their own health.
But I wanted to start again - just for myself at the end of career.
My last serious start was held in 2005 years at the European Championships in Varna, I took third place.
This battle was the hardest of all because I was leading me not so much the enemy as with yourself and your health restrictions.


Unrealized dream (if it is) ?


It is hard and working on its implementation.


What gave you the Kyokushin ?


It taught me self-discipline, made it possible to explore the world, meet interesting people.


Which of the motor features by you is most important in kyokushin (rate, force, strength) ?


Each of these characteristics is important motor.
However, it is very difficult to train the body so that all these elements have been developed on an equal level.
The trick is to work on this feature of motor, which is dominant in the player so that simultaneously develop other and from that parent to make the asset.


How did your preparation for the professions ?


Preparation for the professions depend on their rank and time zone in which they are held.
It is difficult in a few sentences to answer the question on such a complex process which is the cycle of preparing for competition.
Always devoted much time to build endurance without neglecting the technical elements.
I had a problem with the selection of sparring-partners, and each trip was related to costs for which I could not afford.
So I have enough bag, Rubber, shield, weights and a lot of perseverance.


Czy te przygotowania przed MŚ 1997 Were there any special ?


For each event I prepared conscientiously, magnitude of the rank not scare me.


The most difficult rival ?


Ryu Narushima.


Mas Oyama – What do you think about it ?


Mas Oyama is a perfect model.


How would you rate the level of Polish karateka in the current government support and facilities organizational ?


The level of the players and back provide athletic training.


What are the steps for you dan ? Are there significant ?


For outsiders the desired amount of people being carried on the belt is impressive.
Dla mnie najważniejsze są umiejętności jakim dysponuje osoba ale szanuje ciężką prace ludzi, who perfected the ranks to earn.


Favorite Food ?


I love shrimp in any form.


Do you have any hobbies apart from Kyokushin ?


I can not imagine life without books.
I like historical books of travel and biographical. Relaxation is also the renovation of old furniture. Bardzo lubię podróże w związku z tym sporo czasu poświęcam także na naukę języków obcych.


Who supported you the most by a warrior ?


My friend Peter fleet, which we now commonly Białystok Sport Karate Club. His help was invaluable.
Before the competition helped me train 2 times a day.
He helped me with all my heart preparations.


As you can see the future of Polish Kyokushin ?


The future of Polish kyokushin depends on the people who create them and of how important it is for their good kyokushin.


What would you change in the Polish Karate if you had the chance ?


Sposób przygotowań do zawodów .


Jesteś złotym medalista Mistrzostw Świata co mógłbyś powiedzieć młodym zawodnikom, którzy dopiero zaczynają swoją drogę z Kyokushin Karate ?


Never lose faith in what you are doing. Any inconvenience of fate, treat as a challenge rather than as a problem. Keeping healthy and think about your future, because it is short and youth sports career does not last forever.
Enjoy every even the smallest success.




We invite everyone to the party club Sensei Peter:

Sport Club Karate




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