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Polish Fighter's Camp through the eyes of Alice Kaczorek



On 23-25 March was held in Nałęczów IKO Poland Polish Fighters Camp, or seminar with World Champion, Japan coach staff, Hitoshi shihanem Kiyamą. The sheer scale of the camp was impressive - attended by two hundred karate, mostly black stripes, in the Polish shihan, Dojo-operators and riders preparing for competition. Through exercises and equally loud kiai felt tremendous energy and enthusiasm of the participants.


Shihan Kiyama, carefully observing athletes, kumite before drawn attention to the value of a robust and full concentration kihon performed geikō. The Japanese team coach known for his methodological approach, explained, how through kihon geikō, ido geikō and kata many gains in the fight – which probably reflects the Japanese, technical approach, which is effective even in the face with a much larger opponent physically. Shihan discussing the bases and their influence on kumite paid particular attention to ashikoshi (DOSL. nogi i biodra), or strengthened, compact, poor posture, which gives impetus to the attack and the possibility of an effective defense.


Besides a strong stance ashikoshi, Shihan also drew attention to the hanmi (DOSL. half of the body), that is the attitude of the legs in the shape of "L", with the bent front leg, the back straight. It allows you to increase, combined with strong ashikoshi, force attack, and to avoid (minutes. by twisting the trunk) blows to the enemy in battle półkontaktowej, which has been thoroughly rehearsed in various. Also, Shihan classified defense technology (bōgyō waza) into five categories, the last of which turned out to be "acceptance" (Morau), that is aware of the inevitable blow to the enemy. This shows the, as constantly and rapidly growing karate, because in the traditional perception of unsecured blow was treated only as an error. Shihan emphasized, that which is currently in the lead riders rosyjcy use this kind of defense technology (by which, of course, deliberately lose points), Strike the enemy and then, after a few blows ending the fight spectacular technique (oowaza – DOSL. great technique). Also marked the, it requires a proper physical preparation and mental (willingness to accept the blow), with the Polish players thanks, it does not disappear from the physical conditions of Russian athletes, could consider incorporation of this technique, which now becomes an important element of the guarantee victory at the world's top tournaments.


In addition to the technical aspects of Shihan drew attention to the proper mental attitude in training, which involves the minimum. compliance with etiquette in the dojo, because it is the appropriate mental attitude is to reinforce good posture (kamae) in combat. Especially teachers was instructed to transfer students to balance loud kiai, counting and answering the teacher. Appropriate (tzn.bez hands) transition from seiza to Anza, not supporting of the hands at rest in the Anza, and careful accumulation of targets in the intervals between kumite, involves the elaboration of a few things: careful attitude, we have to exercise, which translates to achieve enduring vigilance during competition, and also helps in the pursuit of self-nature and his Karate Way.
Despite the emphasis placed on what was the basis for, I could see, Kumite is the element that, in which the Poles feel best, but of course can boast champions and masters kata at the international level. Training, but repeated theme, What were five types of defensive techniques and their application in kumite, were different. Even for a layman among the crowd of distinguished practitioners and people with the highest respect are successful in competition, but also aroused great admiration of the participants, even though who probably were not used to such intense training, endured all seven lectures with Shihan. Large self-denial required in the morning (of hours 6.00) fitness training, exercise like football players. Especially hard training also seemed to be on a Saturday evening (just before "Sayonara Party"), when the body fights hardening of the participants by controlled walking on a partner's belly. Also last workout on Sunday, the long-practiced kumite, especially the younger ones require much will power strips. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine the satisfaction, we probably all felt after the camp ended successfully. Crowned him a photo session with Shihan Kiyama, and… playing in the Japanese paper-scissors-stone (jan-ken-pon), which served wylosowaniu gifts Kyokushin Karate.


Great personality Shihan Kiyamy, good organization of the camp (Lublin merit Kyokushin Karate Club and Shihan Jack Czerńca), beautiful surroundings with good sports facilities next to the official hotels for the participants, moment of relaxation during the "Sayonara Party" and, finally, the atmosphere, "one big family karate" has contributed to this, that during the three-day seminar, Even as a person not taking an active part in training, I felt for a moment of boredom. On the contrary, was awakened in me the desire to continue rooting for Polish karatekom during competition, as well as the next of such seminars with famous Kyokushin Karate.



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