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Champion Krzysztof Habraszka – “dad is hard as a wall at Grandma's” – INTERVIEW


Habraszka Japonia4

A true warrior. Over the years, worthily represent our country in the forefront of world Kyokushin, and everywhere appear was some, that opponents will have a tough battle.
Known for its resistance to blows, good analysis of the opponent, psychological resilience and strong kicks, which were placed in the thigh when the enemy, grimace passed until the audience.


Achieved many. 10 European Championship medals, in this 5 gold, fourth of the World Championships 2009, multimedalista Polish Championships and many international tournaments, member of the national team in years 1997-2009.


We thank him 14 December, when the Polish Championship in Radzionkow of teenagers decided to officially end their beautiful and rich in successful sports career.


One of the most outstanding athletes Polish Kyokushin,


about his career:




Habraszka Japonia1 You are one of the most outstanding Polish and European competitors Kyokushin, sowing uncertainty opponents have mats around the world. How do you remember the years of his career?


Christopher Habraszka: Glad to hear it ever so I did not think about yourself. The adventure starts at the contest I remember very positive and sometimes like to think about it, I am pleased with myself, so to me it's all good anyway poukładało, that it won the most important title – World Champion. In Europe, you did not have unrivaled, the world dobijałeś to the podium for competition at the highest level. Felt, that are close?


K.H.: Sometimes, as you mention it I think, that was really bad when I fought world champions and could make them equal fight, sometimes I lost time was winning but keep in mind, you guys fully trained professional, and I tried to reconcile work and studies of workouts and trips to competitions. I had such a period in the life, that every defeated over 200 miles to get to the training. You have completed their starts shortly after, as earned fourth place at the World Championships in 2009 years, you then 32 years. Was there something special, resulting, it was then that?


K.H.: Withdrawal from the take-off was not planned in advance, although I knew, that once this occurs. I just realized, that if you would like to achieve more, I would have to focus on only one – training. However, without the support of private sponsors was not possible, therefore, the choice was simple, the more, as noticed, I had then already 32 years. I, that before the same choice also stood Alejandro Navarro, He went the other way, and his achievements are more than satisfactory, it might well question of character. Your wife, Dobrusia, still successfully fighting on the tatami. Not pulls you, to still show the younger old school hard Kyokushin?


K.H.: When it comes to showing school then yes, but in training as a support, to help them in their preparations, sell some good advice on good motivation during preparation or during the event. Because the fight itself is only the result of previous work in this way I was able to steer a few people, they could go well motivated to walk, which gave them a place medals. Players often have a sense of, they could have done more, or otherwise preparing for competitions. Miewałeś such thoughts?


K.H.: In preparation for the competition must be met basic conditions: you, rest and proper diet workout. Here we should mention the role of the coach, which is necessary in preparation, and the relationship between a player and a coach, their mutual cooperation, trust and focusing on a common goal, if you want to talk about professional preparation. There are exceptions, eg. Sensei Thomas Najduch talented and unsurpassed player, who has achieved a lot in the international mats. I once said to me,, that he could achieve more, if he had just such a system. Unfortunately, you can not train yourself, there must be someone on the side, Who is watching us, improves but explains why at the moment we are doing and nothing else. It may not be so, that the student surpass the master. I'm such a relationship I had with my coach Bogdan Lubos, for what she wants to thank him,. He knew how to reach me and we managed to achieve so much. What strengths must have a heavyweight player, to win with the best?


K.H.: Thinking of a career in the long run, in this category is important to the growth and weight, If we talk about the physical conditions, although there are exceptions. Simply it is easier to bear the power of kicks and punches. Speaking of mental conditions that sometimes happens, the player with the lower category wins the "big". You had your master, where you tried to imitate, pry mentally?


K.H.: I always tried to draw the very best from a few competitors, to create your own style. The development of my competition undoubtedly had a few people m. in. shihan Eugeniusz Dadzibug, which at the world championships in 1995 r. achieved a great result. I remember, that was made of this report on TV and as an aspiring martial arts student could it in a nutshell watch on TV – great impression. Even then I knew, I have to be player. I greatly appreciate it, I could along with shihan (wtedy senseiem) participate in the national team training camps. I always come back to the situation, when all the "tortured standards" and Shihan Gienek showed me, it does not matter what you do in training, only with what zeal and enthusiasm. I remember, that ME in Warsaw was looking for motivation for next fight and then appeared on the horizon Shihan Gienek. Enough for me, that was, even told me nothing, This was enough for me.
Another huge motivation for further training, that I was in the memory of it after winning the European Championships in Warsaw Sensei Piotr Sawicki personally congratulated me think, that grew up then a few cm :)


As I recall, I realize, that there are plenty of people, which influenced the development of my career, eg. Matthew Wojcik, which at one time tot for the best player and I really liked watching him fight, and by the way great buddy. My brother Peter, which beautifully moving on his feet during the fight, role model. Rafal Szlązak, also a huge talent and an incredibly industrious player, Sylwek Picture Rating, who had an incredible sense of distance and technology. In a later stage of my career was extremely helpful Piotr Moczydłowski even laugh, that we win championships alternately, although once we were able to get together at the European Championship competitions in Victoria in Spain,. So just briefly, just enough, because there was not enough space to mention all. A player, whose fighting style was the closest to the ideal you?


K.H.: Hmm tough question, There are many players, which fighting style goes under the title sensational. Maybe not ideal, but there were at that time a lot of Lechi Kurbanov, Sergiej Osipov, Emil Kostov and of course Frank Dux (hahaha). Difficult moments in the career?


K.H.: I do not think I had such, I knew what I was getting into so I did not complain. Your wife, brat, sister also are excellent karate. What role does family play in your sporting career?


K.H.: Huge role, always supported me endure my moods, and in preparation, there were quite a few. I remember an incident at the camp karate, I started doing results “overgrow the pen”, was innocent fight with my brother, which twisted my mawashi geri jodan ushiro :) This was a good lesson in humility, today me reproach. The hardest fight of his career?


K.H.: There were several, but definitely struggle with Sylwek Sypieniem and Thomas Najduchem. Was there a foe, that made you unique difficulty in fighting? the most you leave always to the final?


K.H.: Maybe not for the final, but which has never won a Martin Sieradzki. One of your fights, that stuck in my memory, Japan was the quarter-final Championship 2009, opponent himself Tanaka, pencil Geri Jodan, audience froze… as you recall this fight?


K.H.: Favorite occupations, nay was appointed a special panel of judges for this fight, that there was no doubt. By the way, a very good player a great move in the fight. I remember, that fight was under his dictation, But for a few seconds before the end, I managed to move out jodan mawashi geri. It occurred to me that after a few seconds, I personally thought, that I hit him with a hand. Indeed hall froze, and the only thing we could hear the joy of Bogdan Lubosa, which I seconded. Who has the record of these professions, can check. Po tej walce Artur Hovhannisian i Dimitri Lunev w “special way” I congratulated :) And your struggle, Warsaw, the final of the European Championships, year 2004 amazing duel with Nicolae Stoian, remember her?


K.H.: Certainly, I remember while I explain why here so long I fought in the final. In fact, the finale was not so heavy. The worst was the semi-final and the fight already previously mentioned Sylwek. In this particular battle Sylwek beautifully struck me right Łokas. By the end of the fight was ok, but before going into the final leg swollen me, little time for medical treatment, and the final could not let go. I remember, that together with Dobrusią tried to lead me to “Usability”. That's why this fight looked so, and not otherwise. If Stoian has used this knowledge I, that fight was to much shorter :) How do you perceive Polish Kyokushin with Europe, World?


K.H.: Polish Karate has always been a very high level and it is still. Anyway, just observe how our representatives in a comprehensive deal on international mats, of which I am very happy. You can even replace Paul Martin Biszczak or Prachnio. And how postrzegałeś Kyokushin when you were a top player, and as it is now? Has anything changed in that time?


K.H.:Not much has changed, when it comes to my approach to karate. What karate has brought into your life?


K.H.:Certainly confidence, in your abilities, that we must not give up, that, if necessary, fight to the end. And that sometimes you should just let it go. When the dark suddenly my leg to meet with a hard object type table edge is not crying and did not complain, I can not, does not allow me to do my 2 year-old daughter, which tells me, that dad is hard as a wall at Grandma's :) Is karate still fills you time?


K.H.: Yes, though not as much as ever, but of course still train almost every day. What do you think, how would your life look like, if you were not trained karate?


K.H.: Ha sure I'd be fat, because when I was typing on karate already had “plump” corpuscle, and I 12 years. Or I'd be a famous footballer, always played in goal and it is not because, I was grubiutki and always at the end I was selected to the team only, I was tall for his age… What do you enjoy doing when not working?


K.H.: Rest :) Do you have a wish for Christmas?


K.H.: To dropped lots of snow, and so seriously I have no wishes. Kyokushin is the future…?


K.H.: Our youngest. What would you like to add at the end?


K.H.: I would like to thank all, who contributed to the development and course of my career, the guys with whom I spent wonderful years in the courtroom, camp staff, people, who supported me and to all, I forgot to replace.

Thank you for the interview,
congratulations on a great career, OSU!
Red: Luke Moczydłowski



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