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Martin Prachnio – moim mentorem jest Andy Hug!


Marcin Prachnio

Martin Prachnio within three years made incredible progress in his career. Through the Polish Championship and success in ME qualified for the World Cup. In November 2011 he reached the last sixteen, where he lost to one of the most successful players, Z Zaharim Bulgarie Damyanovem. Martin in his first match at the World Cup is traditionally held in Tokyo defeated Russian, Andreya Stepina, that in the previous World Cup 2007 eventually he took fourth place.


After successive European Championship medals and Polish championship in the category +90 kg athlete Mazowiecki decided Kyokushin Karate Club, he wants to see in such formulas as K-1 and MMA. In October of that year he moved to the Netherlands, aby w teamie Golden Glory , to explore the secrets of a completely new sport for him.


About his beginnings in Karate, sports idols, the road to success and plans related to the starts of MMA and K-1 athlete sensei tells us Tomali Raphael, Martin Prachnio.
 Hello Martin. Last season was very successful for you. You were in the 16-ce at the World Championships in Tokyo, weight then prevailed in the Polish Championship, dołożyłeś Vice-Champion of Europe in Budapest. What is your recipe for success?

Martin Prachnio: The results and success of the season so far are the result of my many years of training and continuing work on yourself. At the end of the year 2010 took off for the first time in the Open European Championships in Belgrade, then placed on the site 5-8. This was the beginning of my experience in the international arena. Then were open European Championship in Paris, which went with flu and fever, and, unfortunately, lost his second fight. Another start in 2011 year were weighing the European Championships in Padua, where he won the fight with a famous athlete and winner of the Championship in Belgrade Nikolaj stator. I took a final 3 place. The last Championship gave me self-confidence and convinced of the possibility of defeat each opponent. It was for me a kind of breakthrough. In fact, from that moment I believed in your abilities, I gained self-confidence, stałem się bardziej pewny i wiedziałem już, that there is nothing impossible for me.


All that, what I have achieved so far, is the result of many years of work with a trainer and work on yourself. All this is clearly associated with self-discipline. Przecież nikt mnie przez te lata nie zmuszał do przychodzenia na treningi i wylewania z siebie ostatnich potów.



You have to have a good coach, yourself and you want to be fully convinced. This must be done with your own desire to achieve more and more. And the second thing, which is very important, This dedication. Have a fully training and to live. Do you want to be getting better. It must just be your way of life, and even your love.


And one very important thing. You have to have people around him, who you believe.


Potem już tylko należy dodać kilka przyziemnych składników takich jak dobre odżywianie, plenty of rest, mocne treningi.


As you can see the recipe for success is simple.


FS: His adventure with martial arts of karate you started, or previously tried his hand at other disciplines?

MP: Kyokushin Karate started training at the age of 12 years. I've tried a few other sports, including trained diving, cycling, gears.


However, since I've always wanted to fight. I can not say why it was, but I have always tried to persuade my parents (especially my mother), to let me karate. I can not explain it, why would it be just karate. However, at the long persisted. Finally, my mom took me to the club karate sensei Raphael Tomali. Mazowiecki Kyokushin Karate Club was my first stop in the athletic career.


FS: How would you characterize and persuade young people why they should train Kyokushin Karate, For example, instead of enjoying the increasingly popular MMA?

MP: I, the start of karate training is a very good start with martial arts adventure. Karate is used for making a very good coordination. For training, we learn to connect their hands and kick strike. As indicated not only my experience it is not so easy. I noticed, that in other disciplines who practice a lot less use than a foot karate techniques.



Besides Karate, Hard is not only a martial art and physical improvement. You can not forget about the spiritual message of karate. It is above all the will and character of the school, which formed during heavy training. Dążenie do doskonałości duchowej potrafi wyzwolić w człowieku naprawdę potężne siły. Trenując karate uczymy się również opanowania oraz powstrzymywania się od agresji i gwałtowności. This is very important in sports that aggressive techniques operating.


Karate training a large number of interesting and smart people, who often - in my case – helped me in my personal life, and during training. This is another reason, for which it is worth to train karate. Just people.


FS: Who is your mentor in life, someone who you value most?

MP: Once it was Mirco ,,Cro cop” Filipovic I wanted to be as good as him and fight on the world stage in the K1. It was always one of my dreams. However, with changes in, that within me there, changed as a mentor. Currently, it is no longer alive Andy Hug. I have great respect for him. Often showed both in combat karate, jak i w ringu w formule K1 wytrwałość i hart ducha. Nigo take the example in improving these skills.


FS: Your idol of his youth?

MP: My idol of his youth was Son Goku from Dragon Ball cartoon. So far, from time to time I watch this story.



FS: Ostatnio na Twoim koncie facebookowym pojawiła się informacja na temat wyjazdu do Holandii. Have you previously had contact with these disciplines, or is it something completely new for you?



MP: Since January of this year, began regular boxing training under the supervision of Robert Saniewski. This was actually the beginning of the preparation, inter alia, training in the Netherlands. I've never taken part in the fighting K1 and MMA, jest to nadal dla mnie nowość i zupełnie nowe doświadczenie. Ale jak się okazuje tak naprawdę największą nowością jest dla mnie jedynie walka w parterze, which requires a high concentration of. I, I'll do that thanks to the rapid progress.


FS: Trained at the club Martijn de Jong. Learned something new?

MP: Only begin their training in the Netherlands. Due to a serious injury in practice since June did not train at all. My trip has shifted over time and training in Martijn started only at the beginning of October. Right from the start there is no free ride for me. I immediately started to learn new things, because we are fighting for MMA, you've never done before.


FS: Golden Glory team is preparing players for K-1 and MMA, whether you plan to compete in these formulas?

MP: Indeed, I plan to compete in the formulas in the near future. First let me start in K1, I then tried to force in MMA. Zobaczymy jak to wszystko wyjdzie i w jakim tempie będę robił postępy. It's hard right now to talk about specifics.


FS: Do you have any plans for the 2013 year?

MP: Mam I effort, many. When it comes to personal life- This graduation. I am a student majoring in Finance. I've got a thesis.


However, taking into account the plans sports event is to train hard, and this is my plan for the coming months. Natomiast konkretnych planów startów w nowych formułach wraz z terminami jeszcze nie mam. As soon as I knew the findings and certainly will inform the details of this in due course .


FS: Does this mean the end of your competition starts in Kyokushin Karate?

MP: Of course, not. Not yet realized all my dreams of karate. One of them is a new start in the Open Kyokushin Karate World Championships, which will be held in about two and a half years. I want them to qualify and would love to win them. It is further my dream.


But as we all know the same dreams do not come true, So I have to implement it yourself. I assure all – this is not the end of my starts karate.


FS: What is the day in the life Martin P . How many times a day do you practice, how the training?

MP: Most are two training sessions a day. Morning weight training or conditioning. In the evening, technical training or training to fight (sparring). In preparation for a competition when trained by 6 days a week. There was a slightly, However, the results were also. For training should also add good nutrition. In my case, it just means: jeść dużo i zdrowo, Drink plenty of water or isotonic fluids, and no need to remember the good supplementation.


FS: Is your future you associate only with martial arts, whether it is one of the possibilities ?

MP: As I mentioned earlier, Sport is a part of my life. I can not imagine myself without training and starts. It's like an addiction, when you do not do that, something was missing. I would like to do it for life. I'm a freak training and self-improvement.


I do not want to repeat, but as I have mentioned before, This is my current life and my fascination.


If you ever have the same I will not be able to train, I'll probably be led training and passed on my knowledge to others, So rather martial arts will be with me for life.


FS: Marcin wish you perseverance in the pursuit of purpose and success in the Golden Glory.


MP: Thank you and best regards readers









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