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Summer camp Shinkyokushin eye Claudia Mastalerz – Photoreport



Coming in accordance with the instructions navigation after two hours we arrive at the resort gate, wherein in days 29.08.2013 - 01.09.2013r international seminar was held karate Shinkyokushinkai. Before our eyes on a small hill appears "Japanese village" or Centre for Japanese Martial Arts and Sports "Dojo - Stara Wies". It is the center of Polish Karate Federation shinkyokushinkai, chosen after many clusters national team for the next camp place international. The specific atmosphere of the place is conducive to training sessions and detached from reality. It is also a great opportunity to get to know people, with whom we have a chance to fight for jobs.


The seminar was conducted by Shihan of Shihan Japonii Sotodate Mr. Goncharenko Mr. Ukrainy. The camp was also attended by Shihan Cleveringa from Holland and our Polish Shihan and Sensei.

On the first day there were two training sessions, mainly devoted to perfecting techniques kihon, jak kata idogeiko. For me as a person usually group training at Athletes preparing for the Kumite was a kind of return to the beginning of training, and also a brief exam preparation crowning this trip. Standing in the third series of, Shihan barely hear the guide, in general it is not seeing and doing another technique sorry for people with lower grades, which became even further. In my opinion, ranks should be arranged in a different order, or changed during training. This would give the opportunity to anyone with a close look at techniques Shihan teachers. Fortunately, the third rank was assigned to me only on the first day .


The second day began with the start of the hour 7:00.Despite the sincere desire, getting up at all was not pleasant. Participants, who did not realize the exam took part in the training conducted by Sensei Mazur. People seeming exam kyu and dan grades at the time were consulted prior to the exam. Taking Shihan Karpinski and whistle focused on the repetition of kata and techniques to the test. They turned our attention to common mistakes and they made detailed course exam. Subsequent training sessions were conducted in two groups. One accounted for dan grades and the second kyu. The first training session was devoted to the Executioner. My group participated in training conducted by Shihan Goncharenko, who told us in an unconventional way to use a wide range of kata in combat - Bunkai.Tak so we made a little angle but we know them very deeply. All Sensei Shihan on training Sototate had the pleasure to perform all the kata known-learned and those known only by name, but the repetition of the others is still a form of learning .The purpose of the second workout of the day were the elements of combat. This time my group led by Shihan Sotodate. By a single stroke, blocks and kicks performed in the air went through the exercise in pairs. Initially, a single technique, finally quiet fight. As it usually happens, these quiet and gentle cause the most injury, Unfortunately, in this case, there was an exception .Evening training we have been forgiven for any replays yet for the exam and saunas and other relaxing activities .



The third day, a day of "judgment" – Exam. Morning consultations, or training for the rest of the world Tabbath. When wholesome breakfast fast regenerative nap or for those who participated in the course judges, written exam test students' knowledge. Time 10:30 launch of the first part of the exam, which lasted about three hours. Niezdający at that time had their training and then the glass doors were our audience. After the first part and dinner time came to fight exam which were admitted only those, which, as well passed part pierwszą.Dziesięć minute walk, This, after all ONLY 10 minutes I thought, waiting for their turn. In a competition for the fight very aligned full-time is 9 minutes, only minutes shorter. But there is one significant difference ... in the case of examination for each subsequent fight out new rested opponent. Although fatigue was huge, no one gave. Particularly drew my attention to the boy from Ukraine, which, despite two broken ribs fought to the end. For the fighting spirit all deserve a big round of applause and "estimate", because who would not bow legs under Sensei Thomas kicked Najducha ?



And in the evening ... emotions Exam fall. All participants were invited to dinner and additional attractions. Customarily heard thanks and congratulations. He was raised a toast to all present, after which sayonary mood was not so much official. From the speakers was coming out dance rhythms, which entailed campers .



On the last day of training with a summary and the announcement of the examination results to the next level and presentation of diplomas of completion Judges. Then a quick packing, dinner, farewell and home.



Summing, had stayed away. Although not learned anything new, I, that was an interesting experience and a good springboard from training championship-. Motivated me to continue the hard work and preparations for the upcoming season. I'm glad another exam passed. I will be very glad to mention the time spent there and met people at camp. I recommend this seminar, This in particular, who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in this camp.


Klaudia Mastalerz, TKS Karate




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