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Kancho Matsui concluded World Championships Open 2011



According to Kancho Matsui 10 World Cup has become one of the most exciting events played at this level. Most of the fighting took place at the highest level, and training of the participants was so high, many fights that were not completed within the prescribed time and extra time was needed.
Fighting Tariel Nikoleishvili generally resembled his championship fight in Japan Open 2010 r. His height and weight stand out against most leading foreign players – in this, that is more similar to Japanese competitors. Despite, Anthropometric parameters such that impede the occurrence of success in the World Championships Open, Nikoleishvili fought a tough eight fights in three days with minimal reference damage, not lost his fighting spirit and earned a world title. He fought with such enthusiasm and great energy, especially in the final battle, that his achievements should be appreciated throughout the world.
Achievements Nikoleishvili certainly should further motivate the Japanese staff. Its members should be thoroughly examined with the enthusiasm of his fighting style. His unwavering fortitude and strength of character reminds me of Japanese Kyokushin competitors from the past.
In an interview with the winner, Nikoleishvili who gave the World Cup, talked about the importance of the meaning of the Spirit of Kyokushin: “Do good to others, based on filial piety ". His fortitude is also evident in his words. He is a great example for the entire community of Kyokushin. It has only 20 years, but its potential has no limits. I can only imagine, how strong it will be in the future. In addition to Nikoleishvili, The Russian team presented itself very well in the World Championships by showing its strong position, which currently occupies in the world. It seems, that the secret lies in Russia's dominance of the kinetic energy of great players and coaches, created based on the support and respect of the whole Russian nation. In Russia, a huge number-training - two, three times higher than in Japan. It is natural, that the more people who train, the greater their involvement, the more great players can be trained. The success of the Russian team during the World Cup team to beat in the practice of open veracity of this simple theory. Player, who enjoyed the greatest support from the audience, former world champion Ewerton Teixeira took second place.
In the history of Kyokushinkai held so far 10 Open Championships, and Shihan Makoto was the only player Nakamura, who managed to get open-world title twice in a row. It is a testament to, how difficult it is to achieve victory again in this tournament. Teixeira this year reached the finals, and despite the weight, What was the main saw in him the favorite to win came in second place. Despite, that he may not agree with that, I, that his second place is so valuable as the title. Second place does not mean Teixeiry, that in comparison to the championship of 2007 r. was weaker. Just in 2011 r. fate smiled at the young and full of energy Nikoleishvili. In fact, I think, that Teixeira significantly raised its level compared to the tournament four years before. Then he was like a wild horse, whose victory depended on the time only on its mass and physical strength. But in the last four years Ewerton really grown up, adding to their strengths wisdom and brilliance unmatched strength. It was obvious, his arsenal of techniques and skills has been fully completed. Win or lose the championship open to some extent dependent on luck. I know this from experience. At the Open Championship attracted so many Russian fans, it seemed, that the tournament takes place in Russia, and not in Japan. In such circumstances Nikoleishvili fought at home, Teixeira and defended the title at home rival. Teixeira deserves praise for the technique and mastery, showed that in this confrontation. This followed the daily hard training over a long period of time. I'm sure, Ewerton set that target self, regardless of whether it is a destination chosen by kyokushin or another. It is an open person, strong-willed, I hope so, that the experience of defeat will present to him a springboard to expand their potential opportunities in the future.
The Japanese team, Like four years ago, stood on the podium, only one player. This result was not satisfactory, but I see that its value. The level of foreign players is growing rapidly, Makoto Akaishi but was among the four best participants, and four other Japanese players came to the best 16. The Japanese team could have come off better, but I'm not disappointed. I praise their efforts and would like to thank the Japanese team coach Hitoshi Kiyama Shihan for exemplary leadership. The young Japanese athletes during 10 World Cup showed a surprising increase their potential. It was a difficult year for the Japanese, but confirmed its resilience to adversity. I felt, that the environment of Japanese Kyokushin approached each other at the critical moment, and soon there is a change of generations. Based on this observation, I can not wait for the Japanese national team appearances in four years. As I said earlier, Nikoleishvili young master has a special kind of energy, which reminded me of the famous Japanese fighters of the past. I hope, Japanese youth that will analyze the Kyokushin Training, Nikoleishvili as he fights in the future just might be able to surpass. Nikoleishvili style is not yet fully formed. It is difficult to predict, in what direction and how it will develop, but today, aged 20 years, it has almost unlimited possibilities. I wonder, whether the current technology will be the same for 4 years, and is it enough, to continue it in such style as it is now. Strong competitors are developing their own style of fighting. Nikoleishvili style base will remain in it, but the norm is, zawodnikayearsienia that style with the acquisition of scooping experience and wisdom. For example, Teixeiry style has not changed much over the 4 years. Style Nikoleishvili will grow, changed physically and technically. This time he came to be authoritative and will defend his title. In 11 World Cup will have only 24 years and he has a great chance, to win twice in a row. I would like to witness this and see how potential Nikoleishvilego will develop. Also other strong contenders for the title will arrive. His every move, progress, technique, will be studied with particular insight, I wonder why, how to prepare to defend title. Masters of the Japanese team Kentaro Tanaka and Makoto Akaishi on 11 World Cup will have approximately 35 years, so it will be difficult for them to face the Nikoleishvili. Success will depend on the, how strongly motivated they will be in the next 4 years. In addition to these experienced players, I think, representation of the main force will be young players, who now have just over 20 years. Members of the Japanese national team: Shoki Arata, Shohei Kamata, Kenji Adzima, Kinoshita Seydzyun i Savamura Utah, as well as many other young Japanese athletes, not currently included in the squad may attempt to win the 11 World Cup.
I hope, that these young players will train diligently in order to show some progress during the championships in Japan next year. The result showed X World Championships all competitors, who will participate in the tournament, that being a champion is indeed possible. If you train hard, they will, if they do it with passion and consequence, in a short time we will see rapid development of the skills of players worldwide Kyokushin.





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