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John Mąsior – The way to achieve unity of spirit and body



Kyokushin Karate ... ... ....
…. for me the way to achieve unity of spirit and body, through the titanic work of a lifetime. Apart from strengthening the body, improve the strength, rate, strength and coordination, Karate improves alertness and self-awareness. It also teaches confidence – not arrogance or audacity – but deep confidence in their abilities and in their own ability. With confidence comes a feeling of mastery and a sense of inner peace. It is true karate, karate, which can be practiced throughout life, even when, when it is not already capable of breaking boards, or rolling sports fights. Everything must have a beginning, however,, and great things can not be done within a few days ....


The beginnings ....
Kyokushin Karate conquered my heart more than twenty years ago… When I first "touched" the magic of martial arts does not occur to me, that one day I'll be in Japan, and the more, that occur as the Polish representative in karate competition. Jednak na początku nie byłem tak zaangażowany w to, what I do. I did not think then about tournaments or competitions. Simply practiced. Na pierwszy sukces sportowy musiałem pracować bardzo długo. In 1992 she appeared at his first tournament, where "I got to know his place in the series". Subsequent events were serious attempts of successive karatekami from across the Polish. But lost fights and confrontations me even more motivated to work hard on the body and spirit. After several years of training in 1995 achieved his first success.


Japan .....
The first time I was in Japan 2007 ninth year at the World Championships. It cost a lot of sacrifices ..., but the impression remained invaluable. Watching the world's best karate, who have no breakdown by weight and body protectors guard fought in one category and it reminded me of the Olympics and gladiatorial combat, come to Tokyo for the best.


Tournament in Tokyo ......
To compete in Tokyo preparing all his life except, because these were dreams. It is a great honor to represent Poland in addition to the tournament in Japan, in the birthplace of karate and the lion's den. Same proportion was already an unforgettable experience and will always remain, and here I awaited fight with the Japanese. I to, as it turned out, more than one. As he said Mas Oyama, last samurai our time, it is important to win , or losing, but self-improvement. Beating two Japanese overcoming its weaknesses, himself, and I followed on from each other up .


The co dalej?
Here only I can only quote our greatest Master, Kyokushin Karate twórcę Masutatsu Oyame:
"The essence and purpose of Budo are universal. All selfish desires should be burned in fire mitigation heavy workout "
"Following the way of Budo is like climbing a cliff – keep up without resting. This requires an absolute and not schlebiającego a dedication to the job "


..….. John Mąsior




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