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CAMP IKO Poland from the perspective of Sensei Gregory Popiołek



At the end of August 2011 A seminar was held IKO Poland CAMP Lublin, Shihan was organized by Jacek Czerniec. I was honored to participate in this camp and enjoy a professionally run training by outstanding figures in the world of Kyokushin Karate: shihan Seichi Isobe (8 than) który wyszkolił dwóch Mistrzów Świata oraz shihan Katsuhito Gorai (6 than).

From the very beginning of the camp there was a family atmosphere full of friendship and common understanding.

During the daily workouts have performed countless repetitions of techniques: kihon and kata just to finally make it correct.
Each day started differently. The first training sessions starting in August at. 4.30 under the title “greet the sun” had a unique character.
Watching sunrise and meditating with Shihan (on the grass) some of us crossed the limits of its weakness. Masters surprised us with his life's wisdom and knowledge of Karate, which of these four days trying to tell us. Each successive run of their training became a surprise to us. Shihan Katsuhito Gorai words gave us all food for thought; as emphasized, that when we master the basics and combine the strength of, speed and technique in the whole, then we can think of kata training. Only at the end waiting for us to fight a live opponent.
Each camp usually ends with a test. At the end of the seminar was the time to show courage and strength by joining the exam at a higher level.

Congratulates all the courage and passed exam. OSU!

Many of us reached out to this year's camp, a lot of personal guidance for the future.

These were unforgettable moments for me and impressions.

While retaining the unique four days in memory, All we can expect the next camp with an outstanding champion IKO Kyokushin Karate Shihan Isobe and Shihan Seichi Katsuhito Gorai.

Yours Grzesiek



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