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Weighing Championship IKO seniors and juniors will be held in Varna 21-22 May.


Ichigeki Brasil 2012-report of the Polish team



Ichigeki Brasil is very well known in Brazil, and more, regular event, which this time was held for the seventh time and we had the opportunity to participate. Shihan Francisco Filho, who was the organizer made, that this tournament was really great. Both fight, binding throughout the ceremony and the guests were even exemplary. Already at the airport we were pleasantly greeted by Shihan, where we were taken to the hotel, and then a festive dinner with the rest of the players from Europe (Lechi Kurbanov i Baptiste Delauney).


The organizer does not allow us to sit idly by in the hotel, and so, up to the tournament. For Ichigeki Brasil could meet such stars from the world of karate as Glaube Feitosha, Andrews Nakahara czy Ryu Isobe. Athletes were also named judges. Sam tournament combined the fight Kyokushin Karate, MMA to Kick-boxingu. Patrick had a fight the night of Diogo da Silva, player with a very big achievement, who won the last tournament fight Tariel Nikoleishvili (Current World Champion Open). Unfortunately, our competitor has lost his battle after 3 fiercely fought rounds.


The second fight was a great fight with the representative of Brazil Baptiste. When 3 rounds, the judges were unable to identify winners and needed a 4 round, after which the Frenchman won. It is interesting, Lechi Kurbanov that competed in the Kick-boxing formula, which previously had contact, and preparing for this fight only 3 week while in Brazil, under the guidance of Shihan Filho. Pleasantly surprised us, because they won the battle in a very nice style. Unfortunately, the next day after the competition had to go home. We will remember bardo mile trip to Brazil and look forward, that one day we will have the data appear there. OSU !!!

Wrocławska Kyokushin Karate Club – Agnes and New Year Picture Rating




Relacja oraz zdjęcia pobrane z facebooka Wrocławskiego Klubu Karate Kyokushin – Agnieszki i Sylwestra Sypień





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