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George St. Pierre”GSP” met with Kancho Matsui



UFC Champion George St. Pierre known as “GSP” realized his old dream – met the kyokushin karate Shokei Matsui. There was a chance meeting, at the end of its origins in the martial arts began at age 7 years of kyokushin, then go to the mixed martial arts at the age of 18 years.



As he wrote on his website George St. Pierre:

“It was something unbelievable, a great honor to meet with Matsui Shokei, who headed the kyokushin karate organization following the death of Mas Oyama, and receive an honorary degree granting 3 than, black belt and a new kimono from the Federation. This day will remember for a lifetime! “


Saint-Pierre debiutował w MMA w 2002 year and since then has grown into one of the most visible figure in mixed martial arts fighters. In 2008 he won the championship title in the welterweight category, and still did not give the title six times, becoming in his defense.


Currently, due to the injury of Saint-Pierre was forced to temporarily stop the race in professional MMA and UFC federation to focus on his recovery. Kancho Matsui George wanted a quick return to full strength and return to the cage (zawodnicy federacji UFC walczą w klatce).


The participants hope to, that this was not a single meeting and started cooperation will continue.



Translation: Marek Bebenek



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