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Elena Vorobyeva – harmony and strive for excellence


Elena Vorobyeva 1

Viewing excerpts from an interview Elena Vorobyev, conducted in March 2014, which appeared on the website


How did it happen, I just Kyokushin?

Karate train from the age of nine. I was living child. Earlier I tried a few other sports, finally popped up in the Kyokushin Karate.


Is this type of martial art is universal for people with different traits?

So, It features not determine the choice of discipline, and respect for opponents, tough rules, still an important factor is education similar to the one in the family. As in the family are the criteria for moral, such as decency and respect.


How did this, that sport completely consumed you?

Hard to say. I, that something has changed since the, I began to feel, it's not just a matter of sporting honor. Understood, I'm part of the team, City, country.
A lot has changed in me, I started to train other athletes. Now I have more than 80 students.


Are there specific types of injuries in the sport?

Probably not. As in many sports often suffer knee joints. Over many years of training I know of only one case broken arm student, which was the result of negligence. Just proper training and precautions, to avoid such cases.


You took part in the championship in Thai boxing, Kyokushin Open championship, as well as the championship in Kata. This means, you are a very versatile athlete. Why is this diversity?

Kyokushin stands apart from the hard style – no blows to the head. It is safe for women. Blows to the head are not held without a trace. My participation in the competition in Thai boxing – it is rather the first attempt, nothing more. The Open Championship was not easy, finally had to face the opponent, which was about 40 kg heavier than me. Well, nothing. Speed ​​and technique allowed me to avoid it beats, duel composed very well.
If we talk about the executioner, I want to achieve a high level of kata. Word – This work with the body, harmony and perfection. I want to strive for excellence in kata.


Currently working on a doctoral dissertation. What is it about?

Topic work is associated with the training of my athletes aged 14-16 years, especially when it comes to speed adapted to this type of martial arts.


Is there such a thing as a special sports ethics Kyokushin, especially against weaker or injured opponents?

Hard to say. To a large extent this is due to personal morality Athlete. Some people think, pity is that weaknesses in the training and preparation, because the enemy has no mercy. It all depends on the person.


Is there an age limit for athletes Kyokushin?

Of 40 years is a real chance of winning in the competition at every level.

What are the trends in the development of the sport?

On the one hand, increases the difference between the so-called basic training and the training of the lower level. To the extent, that can clearly distinguish between these, which we call the professionals.


And what about your learning to play the piano?

Desire to learn music as a child I, but did not succeed. The reason was fiddling, was not around the music school. Now this sounds like a joke.


Interview on 8-9 March.





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