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Darmen Sadvakasov “Kyokushin – guide to life!”



At one of the workshops in Russia, dedicated Kyokushin Karate was present Darmen Sadvakasov, great player, the current champion of Russia. Interestingly tells what is for him to fight, Kyokushin…


Why are devoted to these workshops?
Darmen Sadvakasov: In short – the revival of the tradition of Kyokushin in the form in which it was born and where it is still present in Japan. It's a tradition, labels and awareness, including the black belt.


Today work on the black belt requires the requirements, one year. Or after time , You can have a serious attitude to it?


Darmen Sadvakasov: Today, Unfortunately, not only in Russia, but also in the world fell prestige, the meaning and essence of black belt. For many lost value.


What is a black belt for the average person, which has nothing to do with martial arts?


Darmen Sadvakasov: Black belt is a master. Man, which, through its spiritual and technical skills is one step higher than the other. His black belt – This obligation to the people, who surround him. Must pass another faith in the ideals taught him how to his mentors.


In this way, should educate their students, in pursuit of these ideals. Not for money or cars, in this way of life, my students do not lose these ideals.


What are the ideals of the Kyokushin?


Darmen Sadvakasov: This constant search for truth. This means trouble – black belt, the student became the master and learned all. However, this is only the beginning of the road, to know everything.


The darker the belt the higher your skill and wisdom which flows from the. Kyokushin is not a sport in its purest form. One of the competition in Kyokushin are performances on the mat, zawodniczo where you can just start to say, thirty years.


Meanwhile, Kyokushin is life. His main task – teach a person to overcome, himself, your weaknesses, attempt. I have thirty years, and it really just beginning to understand the way of Kyokushin.


Earlier approached this as a sport, Now it becomes for me a means or instrument, who taught me to overcome difficulties.


You say, that this sport is not the most important goal, although it has recently been the champion of Russia …


Darmen Sadvakasov: I look at myself now and in the past – a completely different approach to what I do. I want to win, someone else. I'm going to do it, but this does not mean to get on the podium, winning a medal or trophy. Competition for me is to beat yourself and your weaknesses, This is my goal.


Perhaps the time will come, which will be very hard. Fear, uncertainty, weakness, pain ... all this can come suddenly, in a moment. How I can take it will attempt to, I really am. You can break down, or bite the bullet and go ahead. Nave if you had something to lose. But it is worth to go through all these feelings, to understand, that you are able to beat himself – and this is a big win.


For you as a master is possible, that you lose something?


Darmen Sadvakasov: I had such a situation in September, w All American Open. To describe the analogy, it's like a big slam for tennis. In the world of karate competitions are the third most important in order.


I was there the second. I lost in the final. I did not have the success of that assumed, which was my goal. I am to some extent even happy with this start. Prior to September of this year, No one has ever asked me a knockout or knock-down. I do not know how to describe this feeling, it was such a pain, I'd be willing to shout, drop everything and run (talk about the final fight of the All American Open Zahari Damyanov – the guide at the end of the article).


And then came the moment, when you just shut. Apparently the body has launched an automatic reflexes Modal. At the time of, When I opened my eyes, understood, I was already on his knees, and that this type of pain can be as vases for my opponent.


And I realize, it was uncontrolled. I fought to the end, Of course I lost, but inside I was pleased, it survived. I'm glad, that I got to this point, to the end. This is Kyokushin.


Do you have a skill, which could be used on the street?


Darmen Sadvakasov: I grew up in the 80, 90these. I do not hide, that it was time for me to create personality and character. But I do not remember the situation, in which I and my friends were the initiators of such activities. And in this sense never disappointed Kyokushin.


Now, the children learned the skills of martial arts, begin to use them to their peers. How to deal with it?


Darmen Sadvakasov: It is a matter of education. And she is probably the most important in Kyokushin. We have something like an oath dojo, which are based on all the basic principles and ideals.


Try to find your own interpretation and application of this in the life.


Recently the boys have done interpretation of one of the points:"We will follow our religious principles and never forget the true virtue of humility”. These are the highest ideals.


I offered them, for a week told the truth. What surprised me, among my 12-14 summer students their first reaction was: “It is impossible!”.I did not expect such a reaction.


It is not possible, age children 12-14 years did not cheat at all. This does not mean, however,, they are bad. I told them, it is possible – is difficult, but of course I'll do it together with them.


A week later, I ask them if they remember our agreement. They all sit, with downcast eyes, no one raises hand, become sad. I said to them,: On, do not be sad! No one responded, realize that it is difficult.


So it is not difficult in everyday life. I'm not talking about serious fraud ao small lies, that fly from our lips constantly.


Kyokushin makes us think about such things.


Indeed, at this point, do not show weakness - because you lose. Because Kyokushin is not only competition on the mat.
This competition every day and every minute. A victory in such situations is much more difficult than the struggle to defeat the enemy.

Finał All American Open, about the sensei tells Sadvakasov:



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