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Wojciech Viper – Galicia Cup 2014 eye player

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On Saturday 27 September in the sports hall in Leżajsku competitions were held IKO Galizia Cup 2014. It was the fourth edition of the tournament. The event was graced by foreign teams from Belarus, Ukraine and Germany and a number of Polish DOJO.


In the competition participated players from children to seniors and veterans. It was interesting meeting of generations, on the one you fought babies, on a drugiej Oldboy. The nice thing was the presence of foreign teams, where especially the Ukrainians, Belarusians showed hard, mocne karate. It was nice to look at their preparation strength and stamina.


As usual, the competition was very impressive, hall decked as in Japan, banery karate, Kyokushin and Ichigeki were everywhere. Due to the large number of riders dragged event in time (his first fight I had with 17.00, and the warming up of 9.00). There have been two mats, and fighting are numbered, but as it is on the tournament, dłużyło the. Binding competition was very professional, so only the fighting and kata, clean tournament without demonstrations, giving speeches and awards, with an hour break for a meal. Quick start and a very long finish, but were given beautiful cups and nicely printed diplomas.


Final fight :


As it was recently, our competitions run large audience. We beat ourselves up for, Trainers, colleagues and possibly for a family who came. There is no ancient duels with full halls carrying doping contestants. It may have gone era of karate, or organize tournaments fit sensei but from small towns (even with a very large number of exercisers), where there is no great halls and the possibility of downloading the audience. Tournaments also ceased to be binding gal, no light, rings of increased, tamashiwari, konferansjerki of cool and attractive shows and names.


It should also be noted, that due to the change in regulations insurance obligation falls on the club sending players. In practice it themselves athletes or their parents bear the costs. Adding up the costs of this trip, start and stay, in some cases it may be a factor causing failure to start in the.


The fourth edition of Galizia Cup showed interesting karate and is, that rivalry on the mat does not interfere in mutual sympathy competitors outside the tatami, who are happy to meet with this kind of events, creating a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the spirit of karate and Eastern hospitality experienced team from Germany. The guys from Berlin car broke down and we had to organize a mechanic, and a fast and cheap accommodation. Everything is managed, has photos, some tears and pride for the favorite after another successful tournament.

Sensei Wojciech Viper 2. Then
Galicia Cup 2014 – RESULTS


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