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Weighing Championship IKO seniors and juniors will be held in Varna 21-22 May.


Anna Kolasińska qualified for the European Championships Shinkyokushin 2014



Last Saturday in Lancut held Qualifying for the European Championship Karate Shinkyokushin. The senior kata competition you took second place.


How would you rate your performance in the tournament?


A.K.: I am very happy with his performance. I had to go through three rounds of. In each of them was doing different kata. From the beginning I kept the second position and the result I ended professions.


Is second place is for you satisfying?


A.K.: Second place allows me to start at the European Championships, and that was my goal. First place went to Alexander Beech, which together train. As a result, both will be able to represent our country in Azerbaijan.


How did it go another player from your club?


A.K.: In Opole went nine players. But me and Sandra qualification for ME received: Konrad Kozubowski (1 place kata seniors and 3 place kumite seniors -65 kg) Agata Godoś (2 place kumite seniors -65 kg) Paulina Bengsz (2 place kumite junior -60 kg).

The rest of our colleagues, among whom were: Mateusz Golomb, Chaba Agata, Carolina Saletnik and maternal Michalina also secured the very good results. Each of them stood on the third step of the podium in its category (kumite), and Matthew also won 4 place in kata seniors.


What can you say about the organization of competitions?


A.K.: Occupations cunning enough to efficiently. There were a lot of spectacular duels. Many emotions provided Semifinal Patrick fescue fight with Igor LAMOT. I really liked the, that all the players were well prepared, which affected the level of the tournament.


Any additional insights?


A.K.: I hope, the European Championship in Azerbaijan as well be over, and return with medals. Now we all period of preparation. As a club we won the first place in team and I believe, that we maintain this level of.



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