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50 Kumite Sensei Andrew Poczwardowskiego



At this year's Summer Camp was held in Tuchola first test 50 kumite. Challenge surrendered after Andrew Poczwardowski 3dan 25 years of training and years of experience gained on the mat tournament.

The test took place on Saturday evening 4 August. Stood up to walk 26 opponents have master's degrees and senior as well as rich experience to competing or training experience. The test atmosphere was accompanied by the camp participants gathered. The test sites was a dramatic. You could see the places the struggle not only with enemies but their weaknesses. The whole watch shihan Boguslaw Jeremicz.


Andrew Poczwardowski test was to end. He made 50 walk, unfortunately did not pass to the end. According to the regulations to test been fully credited and recognized, a player must win a minimum of 26 walk. Just ran out and up 5 winning duels.

After all, a great tribute to Andrew and congratulations for taking this challenge. This attempt can be the inspiration for the next willing to face yourself.

Panel of Judges: Boguslaw Jeremicz 5th dan, Dariusz Jasiakiewicz 4dan, Artur Wilento 4dan,

The judge in: Miroslaw Dabrowski 3dan

Judge time: Dariusz Bielski 2dan, Edward Chober 1dan

Observers: Józef Pietras 5daN, Gosse Meerstra 4 and Lilian oraz Mungra 4 than z Holandii.

Medical care: Krzysztof Komorowski

Is secondary: Jaroslaw Rogala

Assisted: Bogdan Jankowski, Adrianna Bieńkowska, Richard crutch

Newsreel: Paul Rzecki


Statistics Go-ju kumite Andrew Poczwardowskiego


  • by indication - advantage - 8
  • by wazari – 10
  • by ippon – 3

Points gained by:

  • undercut - 9
  • ura-mawashi-geri - 1
  • mawashi-geri, jodan - 1
  • mawashi-geri chudan - 1
  • ushiro-mawashi-geri-jodan – 1
  • Hiza-geri, jodan – 1
LOST - 9 

  • by indicating - 6
  • przez gent - 1
  • by wazari - 1

All the time fighting 1hour 15 minutes

  • time of a single battle 1,5 minutes
  • 4 Round: 12, 13, 12, 13 walk
  • 3 break 2 minute
  • 3 the fight ended before the time
  • 47 fighting continued until the end czau



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