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100 Men Kumite – test of character


100 Man Kumite

Test 100 kumite (One Hundred Men Kumite) is introduced by Mas Oyama Karate test, as the ultimate test ; physical and mental perseverance in the fight. It consists in serving one day a hundred 1,5-2 minute walk without interruption. Opponents should be of the same class as the examinee test, which is the best. To test may join karate having at least 4 DAN master's degree.

Mas Oyama's in-depth knowledge about the martial arts reached far beyond the knowledge of the technical aspects. Oyama was an insatiable reader and empiricist in all of martial arts, with whom he had the slightest contact. He visited every dojo where practiced different systems, too much about reading. He came to the conclusion over time, that all martial arts are a common feature, it is a test of strength and endurance, that only the most prominent can succeed. Thus began the search for such a test for Karate.

The impetus for the establishment of Hyakunin-kumite(hundred fighting men) gave him the knowledge and friendship with the renowned master Masahiko Kimura judo. Masahiko Kimura applied – as Oyama – very extreme training methods, which led him to success in the test Hyakunin-nage (give. perform the technique roll 100 people) Judo.

Oyama never demanded of his disciples something, What he was not able to do and that is why the first test gave Himself “hundred fighting men”. Being in his peak physical chose their best students with black stripes and demanded that each of them fought with him for two minutes (martial were held with bare fists attack on the head!). After the whole group went their turn repeat fight, held until their full hundred. This echoed round the next two days, shall be held for a total of three hundred duels. Many students became a duel three or four times during the three days, part of the challenge only once due to injuries attributed, many were knock-out with one punch. Oyama wanted to repeat the test on the fourth day, but ran out of opponents willing to walk. This was supposedly documented by an independent commission, However, after his death, speculation (mainly due to the books by Jon Bluminga) the independence of the committee, and improper selection of opponents. The case of the triple test 100 Oyama kumite is not fully explained, and controversial, mainly as a result of, who felt threatened by the expansion of martial arts Oyama.


It is worth mentioning, that shortly after this test, Mas Oyama bare fists prohibited attacks on opponents head, it very difficult to test the next zdającym.


Oyama did not make the test mandatory for their students, They wanted to undertake a challenge believing, it is part of their own perfection in the way of budo.

The first student, who first joined the test (in 1965 years) Steve Arneil – within two days took a total of a hundred battles (after 50 every day). Five months after the second adept, who scored the test was successful Tadashi Nakamura (1966)- one of the best students of Oyama, the founder and promoter of Kyokushin in North America. Another successful attempt made in 1966 Roku Shigeru Oyama (not related to Mas Oyama). Year 1967 brought two successful attempts, Luke took them Hollander (The Netherlands) i John Jarvis (New Zealand).


After successful completion of the test by J.Jarvisa, Mas Oyama decided to obstruction of its formula – yet all were among the adepts like fighting the S.Arneil 50 fighting for two consecutive days (in total, of course, 100 walk). According to the new formula Hyakunin-kumite test was to include rectal 100 walk one day. First, which 1972 successfully passed the test in the new version was Howard Collins from the UK. One year after Collins (in 1973) attempt was positively classified by the Japanese, later vice-champion of the world – Miyuki Miura.

Both during the successful attempt Steve Arneil in 1964 as well as after stunt Miyukiego Miura year 1972 there have been many unsuccessful attempts Hyakunin-kumite. Many, often forcefully and technically excellent students Kyokushin not met the challenge – which provides even clearer as you need to be an outstanding karate to pass a knowledge test positive.


After a long period of unsuccessful attempts, losing streak ended in 1986 roku Akiyoshi Matsui – Mas Oyama's successor and current leader of the world Kyokushin. Example Matsui probably gave specific impulse, because shortly afterwards two more people have completed their attempts to positively: 1987 year Ademir da Costa from Brazil, in 1990 the two-time runner-up in the world from Japan Kenji Sanpei and 1991 Akira Masuda year from Japan. On another successful attempt had to wait another few years, the list of winners in Hyakunin-kumite typed in 1995 the Brazilian Francisco Filho and Japanese Kenji Yamaki. In 1999 roku test 100 kumite Japanese Hajime Kazumi scored, in the years to test passed three more karate: Klaus Rex (2002), Naomi Woods-the only woman! (2004), Kohsuke Nakamura (2006), Arthur Hovhannisyan (2009) and Emanuel Beaufils (2011).


In the year 2003 Pole living in Canada Zbigniew Koszel graduated unofficial attempt 100 kumite. However, the head of the organization IKO1 Shokei Matsui did not pass this test him.


Mystery “transition” test 100 kumite consists of not focusing on the desire to win against your opponent, but at the same struggle, mainly the fight against their own weaknesses: zapanowaniu the pain and fatigue.

In subsequent articles will present silhouette form, which have passed the test 100 Men Kumite.



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